World Raffa Teams Championship 2012


The Australian team initially selected for the Singles Gino Montuoro, Doubles Rocco Mancini and Silvio Bruzzese, Triples Rocco Mancini, Silvio Bruzzese, Giuseppe Rozzo.


Gino Montuoro plays for the Furlan Club in Melbourne, while Rocco Mancini, Silvio Bruzzese, Giuseppe Rozzo play for the Marconi Club in Sydney.


This was a fast learning experience for our team, as they had never been subjected to this competition playing format, let alone the quality of international competition. The team played four matches in their group. First against Russia, then Switzerland, Austria, Argentina 2 and a final one against Poland for the team’s final classification. They won 3 games and lost 12 games in this Championship. This placed them 21st in the classification table. The scores don’t really reflect the effort and quality of the play by the Australians. You can be sure that at the next World level competition, Australia will be in the upper half of the World rankings.


In the final Italy, devastated Argentina 1 - with the Singles 13 to 3, Doubles 15 to 2 and Triples 15 to 8 points, victories. This win means they have won all the ten ever World Team Raffa Championships.


This Tenth World Team Championship was held at Puerto Iguazu, Argentina over the 9-17 November 2012.

Puerto Iguazu is the location of the awesome 2.7 Km wide waterfalls on the Argentinean, Brazilian border.

The Bocce Federation of Australia competed for this, the first teams event at a Raffa World Championships and only the second time at a World Raffa Bowls discipline. The first was a Singles Championship in Rome in 2010. This Raffa Bocce sport is also known as Punto Raffa Volo Bocce.


Australia’s four man team of Gino Montuoro, Giuseppe Rozzo, Rocco Mancini and Silvio Bruzzesse were led by coach Frank Fava. Raymond Cher was the Australian team manager.


Twenty three nations competed with the host nation, Argentina fielding two teams.

The teams were Argentina 1, Argentina 2, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Germany, Italy, Lybia, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, Uraguay, U.S.A., Venezuela.


The seeded teams for the Championship were Italy, Brazil, Switzerland and Argentina.

The top four at the end of the Tournament were: Italy, Argentina 1, Argentina 2, and USA.


This Championship is a team competition, where each team play three competitions, Singles, Doubles and Triples, in each round, all to 15 points. The team with the greatest number of wins goes forward.


Here were some of the highlights of the Championship:

·         In the final Italy, devastated Argentina 1 - with the Singles 13 to 3, Doubles 15 to 2 and Triples 15 to 8 point, victories. This win means they have won all ten World Team Raffa Championships.

·         Gino Montuoro in his third Singles match, took 9 points off the World Singles Champion, Austrian Nicola Natale.

·         Silvio Bruzzese was involved in three Australian victories, Rocco Mancini and Giuseppe Rozzo in two for this Championship.

·         Some matches went on for two and a half hours. Our Triples win against Poland lasted two hours.

·         Referees are stationed on the court at the opposite end to the play. Fourteen referees make up the complement for this Championship.

·         The big surprise of the Tournament was the USA’s strong performance in entering the final four and China in entering the final eight.

·         The performance and skill of the young Argentinian 2 team must also be applauded. These young stars took the competition right up to the medal holders, finishing 3rd behind Italy and Argentina 1.


The Championship was organized by the Confederazione Boccistica Internazionale and the Confederacion Argentina de Bochas.