World Junior Championships 2012 and Denis Ravera Challenge 2012

Australia participated first in a Warm Up competition in Monaco, then leading straight in to the World Junior Championships in France. In the World Junior Championships, Australia competed in the two divisions, the Under 18 year’s Championship and the Under 23 year’s Championship.

Firstly, in Monaco, on the 15th September 2012, the Denis Ravera Challenge, Doubles Championship, drew 16 competing nations.  Australia’s internationals, Moffatt and Samsa competed in the Under 23 doubles category, but lost both their matches to Argentina and Italy, respectively, due to their opponent’s superior hit percentage rate. France beat Italy in the final.

In France, commencing on the 18th September 2012, the World Junior Championship this year attracted 23 competing nations, comprising 109 competitors.

For Australia, Daniel Samsa competed in the Under 18 Singles and the Under 23 Precision Throw and together with Matthew Moffatt, the Under 23 Rapid Relay Throw. Matthew Moffatt also competed in the Under 23 Progressive Throw.  The team was coached by first time coach, the Australian international Santo Pascuzzi, who encouraged and motivated the team.

Daniel Samsa commenced with the traditional Singles. Firstly, against Crivellari (Italy) and then Yahyaoui (Tunisia). He matched it with the opposing teams in both the bowling and game strategies, but the inaccurate precision throws cost him both of these preliminary games.

In the Singles Progressive Throw, Daniel Samsa achieved over a 50% hit rate and was one hit from reaching the preliminary cut-off and did not progress further.

Matthew Moffatt disappointed with his Precision Throw performance, scoring two points below the qualifying score, well below his recent Australian performance.

The two Australian athletes teamed up for the Doubles Progressive Throw event. Their score rate was low and was insufficient to advance to the next round. Here in the final, experience, fitness and commitment saw France beat Italy with a score of 53 successful hits from 59 throws, (three hits under the world record), for this five minute event.

As the Team Manager Frank Funari observed, the Australian team demonstrated plenty of resilience and determination and was always competitive against a superior opponent, but further experience is needed in the Throwing skills.