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Australian Raffa Open 2016

The NSW representative team  of Silvio.Bruzzese, Ms Sandra Bruzzese&Rocco Mancini won the title for a second year - winning the final, the trophy and the major prize monies.

Australian Senior Championships 2015

 The highlights were many, but the final outcome was unexpected! Victoria Metro scooped the pool winning five titles from the total of the eleven on offer.   They won the Men’s Singles, Triples, Bowl Throw, and Precision Throw, while their ladies won the Singles Title. The surprise of the Tournament was the win in the Women’s Singles event, by Atilia Mezzalira, playing for Victoria Metro.

Australian Bocce Raffa Triples Open 2015

New South Wales Victorious again!

It was a tournament of surprises! Previous champions were knocked out in the quarter finals – setting the stage for a contest between two old rival States Victoria and NSW!  The smart money was on the talented local team with the benefit of three strong shooters in their team but it was not to be – the Sydney Marconi team of Rocco Mancini, Santa Bruzzese and Silvio Bruzzese outclassed the favourites Frank Fava, Diane Penney and Nicholas Penney on time-limit 7 – 4!

 The 8th Australian Raffa Triples Open Championship attracted 18 teams from around Australia vying for the $3,000 in prize money! 


The 44th Senior Bocce Championship and 19th Women’s Bocce Championship this year will be a winner!

Bocce Officiating and Referee Courses

The Bocce Federation of Australia is privileged to announce the arrival of Christophe Levaillant (the International Body of Bocce (FIB) Director of Research and Training) to conduct a series of Officiating/Referee courses for prospective Australian referee candidates and information sessions for those interested in upgrading their skills or for those who are keen to learn more about the International Technical Rules that govern the sport.

Australian Junior Bocce Open 2014

The three day Bocce Tournament bought together the best junior bocce players from across Australia. Twenty-seven elite Under 14, Under18 and Under 23 year’s athletes from ACT, Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia contested in a number bocce events. As well as the traditional forms of the game, the Singles and the Doubles, the juniors competed in the more spectacular Bowl Throw, Precision Throw, and the Progressive Throw competitions.

 They were joined, after a one year break, by the seven strong, Chinese Junior team from the Taiyuan Shanxi Province of China.


China Bocce has an awesome reputation when it comes to winning bocce tournaments around the world!  This year a Chinese team of 7 (male and female) from the No.53 Middle School of Taiyuan (Shanxi Province) is travelling to Australia to challenge some of our brightest and best players.

In their sights will be Tristan Giacometti who was the silver medallist at the 2013 Monaco ‘Denis Ravera’ International Challenge Competition!  Tristan will be competing alongside his NSW team mates – experienced international player, Daniel Samsa and new-comer, Andrew Suber.

ALL the Players in action at the Australian Championships

See all the 65 Bocce athletes in action in their chosen events during the Australian titles at the Redlands Sporting Club, Queensland during 7th to the 10th of June 2013.

Bocce Development weekend at Mt Gambier

Frank Fava was the Director for the DEVELOPMENT weekend in Mt. Gambier, on the 19th and 20th October.Attached is the Program schedule for this event.



 The ASC suggested that sports attend the Annual Conference on the 14 October 2013.The Conference is a meeting of Industry, Academia and Sports, with a view to shape the future of sport and it’s technologies.

The section that was of particular interest was the Participation session. 

Speakers and Organisations 

Anthony Moore

Australian Sports Commission - G.M. of Participation&Sustainable Sports

Josh Vanderloo

Australian Football League – National Participation Manager

Cameron Wade

Golf Australia – Director of Golf Development

Marne Fechner

Netball Australia – Commercial Operations Manager



Anthony Moore  - Australian Sports Commission, said that the organised club base was in decline, while unorganised sports were on the increase.

Marne FechnerNetball. The World Netball Cup in Australia in August 2015 16 nations will participate over 10 days.

Josh Vanderloo Football. Says that they have worked over the past 20 years to position themselves for a “new wave of growth”. By 2016, they expect to have 1 million participants. 

Cameron WadeGolf. Dealing with a “time poor” population – cost – and shifting to “Casual” play. There are changes in clubs. 400,000 players in Australia. 

Raymond Cher BFA

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