The Latrobe City Bocce Classic Mixed Triples Championship this year drew the maximum number of twenty teams planned for this tournament. Teams from regional Victoria, Metropolitan Melbourne and Sydney in New South Wales contested this prize money event. The Latrobe City is a continuing major sponsor for this event.

The two day tournament, held over the Saturday 2nd July and Sunday 3rd of July 2011, at the Italian Australian Social and Sporting Club of Gippsland, was officially opened by the Mayor of Latrobe City, together with councilors Darrell White, Sharon Gibson (deputy Mayor), Bruce Lougheed and Ed Vermeulen. The Club’s six court Bocce Dome was fully occupied by the competing teams for the elimination series on the Saturday, and then the finals were played out during the Sunday morning session. Spectators saw some classic competition with last year’s winners, the Carapelloti team just missing the cut off for this year’s finals and then the dominance of the Tatura, Borelli family team

The final between the Tatura team of Mario Borrelli, Angela Borrelli and son Tony Borrelli against the Morwell team of Jim Fava, Maria Fava and Pino Tortora was to be no contest. The Morwell team played to their normal high standard with bowls always placed close to the jack, but the brilliance of Tatura’s Tony Borrelli’s throwing to clear away the oppositions advantage bowls was a joy to see. Then Marios consistency of bowl placements, capped off the 9 point to 2 point Tatura win.

Prize moneys were presented to the four top teams.

The BFA executive, Raymond Cher, Frank Funari and Tony Biancacci also enjoyed taking part in this weekend’s contests.

As the President of the Club, Frank D’Urbano said, the success and smooth running of this event is due to the Bocce subcommittee efforts, headed by President Tony Paolini and the hard working Sally Fava.




Mario Borrelli

 Angelina Borrelli

Anthony Borrelli



Jim Fava

Maria Fava

Pino Tortora



Cladio Placella

Sam Controneo

Carmela Controneo



Nick Cooper

Kelly Sperne

Ivan Pepe

Best and Fairest

Kelly Sperne

B10-360  Ray Cher

Top Gun Tony talks about the final:
 After a day and a half of tough competition the 10th Latrobe City Bocce Classic final was decided between Morwell 5 and Tatura. With three tight ends played the score stood at 3-1 in favour of Tatura. On the fourth end Morwell looked to be in trouble with Tatura holding shot with three bowls remaining and Morwell having only one bowl left. With his last ball Jim Fava was able to bowl it right on to the jack, before Tony Borrelli was able to shoot the jack and take two points to move the score to 5-1. With six ends played the score had progressed to 6-2. With Mario’s first ball of the seventh end, he bowled it right on the jack. Morwell were unable to remove the shot bowl, giving Tatura the opportunity to score multiple shots and put the game out of Morwells reach with one end to play, which they did scoring three shots to finish the game 9-2 victors.


Photograph captions:

1A. The Mayor of the Latrobe City, Councillor Darrell White, together with the Bocce President Tony Paolini and organizer Sally Fava, congratulates the winners, Mario Borrelli, Angela Borrelli and Tony Borrelli, from Tatura.

2A. The four place getters teams for the Latrobe Classic Mixed Triples event.  From left to right: Tatura team, Morwell team, Freccia Azzurra team and the New Generation team.

3A. Teams and organizers pose outside the Italian Australian Social and Sporting club of Gippsland Bocce Drome.

4. Winning team in action:

    Angela, Mario and Tony Borrelli.