Furlan Holiday Bocce Clinic

The Victorian Furlan Club has again run a successful school holiday bocce clinic and competition on the 11th July.

The sixty eight enthusiastic children from 6 to 12 years of age, continued to learn to play the sport in this clinic and then participate in a competition. This is the 2th school holiday clinic for the year. This event followed on from participating in a cooking class, the previous day. Children from the surrounding schools, Penders Grove Primary, St Mary’s High School and Holy Spirit in Thornbury, together with St Antony’s in Fairfield, joined with children and grandchildren of members in playing bocce.

The next Bocce Clinic will be held in the September holidays. Book early.

Thanks to the organiser Adelia Pase, Vanessa Allegretto tournament director and  the helpers and supporters for conducting this bocce clinic.



1. All the young players and coaches

2. Young Lexi trying out her bowling skills

3. Max Tricarico, who also played at the previous Furlan clinic, then was picked to play for Victoria in the Australian Junior Bocce Open in April

4. Girls and boys take their turn in bowling their bowls towards the pallino.

5. The two boy’s teams use “Mora” to decide who plays first.