DonateLife Mixed Triples Bocce $3,000 event.

DonateLife Mixed Triples Bocce $3,000 event.

A thrilling final saw the Casa D’Abruzzo home team of Fernando Cardinale, Adele Farcione and Michelangelo Roberto out play the Furlan team of Gino Montuoro, Pas Annetta and Attila Mezzalira. A gallant effort by the Furlan team saw the team claw back, point by point, the huge lead that the home team had made over the first few ends. A tired lead thrower for the Furlan team, Gino Montuoro, had some narrow misses as their opportunity to level the score went astray. In the end the Casa D’Abruzzo team was well on target with precision bowling, closing access to the jack and winning the match.

Twenty one teams competed in this thrilling two days of vintage bocce on the 13th and 14th August 2011. The competition was of a high standard with teams from New South Wales, South Australia, and regional’s NEBA and Morwell and many Melbourne and metropolitan clubs competing.  The early favorites, the internationals, Australian record thrower Santo Pascuzzi and Steven Chiandotto, were knocked out in the quarter finals. Even though some of the favorites were knocked out in the preliminaries, the quarter and semi-finals produced some spectacular competition.

The event was held on the eight lane Bocce Drome at the Casa D’Abruzzo club at Epping, Victoria.

This event was culmination of weeks of the Donate Life awareness campaign. This awareness campaign was run by the Bocce Federation of Australia and sponsored by Northern Health, supported by the Northern Hospital.  

The Opening of the DonateLife campaign was announced by Monica Dowling from Northern Hospital, to a packed Casa D’Abruzzo hall during the Melody Lane Concert. Then the campaign was promoted through the ethnic press, radio, television and real estate agents making the Italian speaking public in our community aware of the events. The active events were Bocce Bowls intending to make players, social and competitive aware of the message of organ and tissue donations.  A DonateLife competition was held at the Casa D’Abruzzo club for the members. A social corporate DonateLife Bocce Challenge open to the public was also a success. The culmination was the two day DonateLife Mixed Triples Championship. Entrants were attracted from as far away as New South Wales and South Australia, as well as metropolitan and regional Victoria. Prophetically, a home club team won.

Thank you to the Casa D’Abruzzo for putting their club at our disposal and also the support of the Bocce Federation of Victoria for this event.

Interestingly, Italy has one of the highest level of registered organ and tissue donors.



FINAL - Epping Casa D'Abruzzo Club ( Fernando, Faricone, Roberto) 9 d.Thornbury Furlan Club(Montuoro, Mezzalira, Annetta) 5
Epping Casa D'Abruzzo Club ( Fernando, Faricone, Roberto) 8 d LMC ( Marcella Giacomin, Jim Coviello&Lino Mosca) 4

Thornbury Furlan Club (Montuoro, Mezzalira, Annetta) 9 d. Sunshine Club (Angelo Tenaglia, Aldo Mainelli&Antonia Cassetta) 5

Quarter Finals:

LMC Marcella Giacomin, Jim Coviello&Lino Mosca) 13 d. Furlan Club( Mateo Murana, Umberto Tommasiello&Fernanda Di Palma) 0

Epping Casa D'Abruzzo Club ( Fernando, Faricone, Roberto) 13 d CDA3 (Tony DiFederico, Pietro Manca & Catarina Manca) 2

Sunshine Club (Angelo Tenaglia, Aldo Mainelli & Antonia Cassetta) 7 d. BFA (Santo Pascuzzi, Stefano Chiandotto & Diana Radojovic) 6

Thornbury Furlan Club (Montuoro, Mezzalira, Annetta) 10 d. CDA2 (Romeo Marino, M.Gravina & A Gravina) 7



Club Name



Epping Casa D'Abruzzo Club

Fernando Cardinale,Adele Farcione & M.Roberto


Thornbury Furlan Club

Gino Monuoro, Pas Annetta & Attila Mezzalira



Marcella Giacomin, Jim Coviello & Lino Mosca



Angelo Tenaglia, Aldo Mainelli & Antonia Cassetta



Tony DiFederico, Pietro Manca & Catarina Manca



Romeo Marino, M.Gravina & A Gravina



Mateo Murana, Umberto Tommasiello & Fernanda Di Palma



Santo Pascuzzi, Stefano Chiandotto & Diana Radojovic