Conference – Monday, 14th October 2013

James Demetriou Australian Sports Technologies Network – Chairperson

Moonee Valley Race Club 

The ASC suggested that sports attend the Annual Conference on the 14 October 2013.

The Conference is a meeting of Industry, Academia and Sports, with a view to shape the future of sport and it’s technologies.

The section that was of particular interest was the Participation session.

 Speakers and Organisations 

Anthony Moore

Australian Sports Commission - G.M. of Participation&Sustainable Sports

Josh Vanderloo

Australian Football League – National Participation Manager

Cameron Wade

Golf Australia – Director of Golf Development

Marne Fechner

Netball Australia – Commercial Operations Manager


Anthony Moore  - Australian Sports Commission, said that the organised club base was in decline, while unorganised sports were on the increase.

More the people have income, more they play sport.

He asks – what is the welcoming position of the Club?

Example are:

Surf which is a 5-12 year  product, and 10,000 so far have participated in 8 to 12 hours of surfing lessons.

Cardio Tennis with low compression balls - 30-45 year olds participate.

Jack Attack – introductory bowls program – target 30-50 year old  with modified rules and much fun. Just piloting this program.

Skate Fit – low impact sport.


Marne FechnerNetball. The World Netball Cup in Australia in August 2015 16 nations will participate over 10 days.

Netball participation base is not a reflection of Australia’s demographics as it is skewed towards females 35+ and families. They want to target 5-10 year olds for the sport. 900 school teachers have signed on as Netball school Ambassadors. They are doing “Train the Trainer” in ASIA. Currently it is seen as “White Anglo”.

Croquet didn’t evolve and so very few play it now.

Increase our diversity in our sport.


Josh Vanderloo Football. Says that they have worked over the past 20 years to position themselves for a “new wave of growth”. By 2016, they expect to have 1 million participants. “OZ Kick is one of the suites. Juniors are on the increase but youth are dipping. They are increasing participation by taking it into the school room. The female participation has doubled. The future is in the multi cultural community.

40% of OZ kicks don’t come back – what to do?

How to transition from a School program and OZ kick to Club Programs? 6 -8 week progams.


Cameron WadeGolf. Dealing with a “time poor” population – cost – and shifting to “Casual” play. There are changes in clubs. 400,000 players in Australia. It was at it’s peak in the ‘90s when we had our golf legends.  Age – 55 years+ for 62% membership. Median price $1,200 annual subscription. Females 22% participants. Junior U18 - 4% of club membership. It is trying to convince clubs to invest in Juniors. People are seeking shorter and more flexible games 3-6-9 holes. You don’t need to be a Rhodes scholar to realise that the rules need to be simplified and are looking to do this. 1,600 golf courses in Australia. Junior development is important. They lever off Greg Norman’s Legacy. Creating the “pull” factor.



Junior Development

Casual Golf

Female participation

Club development

Senior Participation


1,000 clubs don’t have Managers, they are managed by volunteers. 


OZ kick - it’s mandatory to involve parents and then the parents become involved in the organisation.

ASC Participation Program – there are 160 personnel around Australia.


Raymond Cher from Bocce Australia  attended as an interested party