The excitement is building up at the Marconi Club as they gear up to stage the 7th Australian Bocce Raffa Bowls Open for the first time, on the 25th and 26th January, 2014.

 The popularity of the event has again necessitated the organizers, the Bocce Federation of Australia and the host club, the Marconi Club to limit the number of teams to 18 triples teams to ensure that the RAFFA OPEN is completed within the programmed two days.


The Triples teams, of men and women players, will compete for the $3,000 prize money.

The event is expected to draw players from New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria.

The Australia Raffa Open will be played over the Australia Day Week end, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th and the final on Sunday afternoon from 3pm.

The 2013 winners, Joe Rozzo, Joe Maraffa and Joe Morgante (shown above) from the Sydney Marconi Club,  are the team to beat. Joe Rozzo also captained the 2012 Marconi team to victory, qualifying them to represent Australia at the World Raffa Bocce Championships in Argentina that same year.

Raffa bocce is played with coloured unbiased bowls which the player can bowl or throw to knock the opponent’s bowl away and make a point close to the jack, or bounce the bowl of the side boards for a placement.  Some 45 countries on 5 continents regularly compete in world titles including Italy and Austria the current team and singles titleholders.

For further information, contact Bocce Australia Frank Funari 0417 339 640 or NSW Bocce Federation Joe Rozzo – 0408 589 122 or Raymond Cher 03 98598716.