Australian Bocce Championship 2012

The 2012 Australian Bocce Championships were a great success. Hosted at the Laguna Club in Western Australia and benefiting from their famed hospitality, we saw a high standard of competition with many heart stopping finals.  The Bocce Federation of Australia congratulates also the West Australian Bocce Federation for their support and organization in contributing to the smooth running of this 42nd Men’s and 17th Women’s Championship.  The competing teams were from Western Australia, South Australia, South Australia Region, Victoria, Victoria North East Region, Victoria Gippsland Region, Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Queensland. The Opening Ceremony on the Friday night encouraged the two important guests Michael Sutherland, Member for Mt Lawley and David Lagan, Councillor for the City of Stirling, to officially open the contest by bowling the ceremonial first bocce bowls.

The Championships, held over four days, 1-4 June, were conducted in the Laguna Club eight lane Bocce Dome. In this period, six men’s titles and four women’s title were decided. The big winners for the men’s competition were the Victorian men’s team.  They won three of the six titles on offer, the Triples, the Bowl Throw, and Precision Throw titles. Their outstanding performer was Santo Pascuzzi claiming the Bowl Throw and the Precision Throw titles. The remainder was shared by South Australia (Singles), New South Wales (Doubles) and Morwell (Precision Throw). In the Women’s events, the international, Queenslander Barbara Jones won two titles, the Singles and the Precision Throw. The other two titles were won by West Australia (the Doubles) and NEBA (the Triples).


 Men’s Singles: The West Australian, Velimer Matutinovic won all of his preliminary matches, including a decisive win against his final’s opponent, South Australian Raffaele Zollo. The final seemed a walk over for Matutinovic as he scored 8 points over the first 7 ends, without any reply. Next, each scored 2 points. Then the pendulum swung Zollo’s way, winning all the remaining ends, till the time final end. At this last end Zollo led by 1 point and the desperate throw by Matutinovic failed to clear Zollo’s advantage bowl, giving Zollo the title with an 11 to 10 point win.


Men’s Doubles: The old rivals, New South Wales’s John Olic and Bepo Maras and Victoria’s Lino Mosca and Angelo Parisi, played off this final. Victoria had an earlier narrow win in the preliminaries against New South Wales, 10 to 9 points. The roles were reversed in this final with an 8 to 5 points win to New South Wales.


Men’s Triples: The finalists, Victoria’s Jim Coviello, Angelo Parisi and Lino Mosca and Western Australia’s, Velimer Matutinovic, Blasenko Kuscevic and Mario Vacca each came through without a loss. The final was a nail biter! The lead see sawed throughout the game. At the time final end, the scores were level, 10 points each. Hits by both Velimer Matutinovic and Angelo Parisi then heightened the tension, but Victoria won the end by one point and the title, 11 to 10 points.


Men’s Bowl Throw: The Victorian, Santo Pascuzzi took on the former junior NEBA Nick Cooper in this final. Santo Pascuzzi was superior in both the bowling and throw disciplines, winning with a 24 to 14 point margin, and recording his third title for this event.


Men’s Precision Throw: The Precision Throw at the different configurations of targets and obstacles is always a difficult event to forecast. All the teams participated in the preliminaries. In the final the former junior NEBA Nick Cooper won a tight match from New South Wales George Milic, 11 to 10 points. This was despite Milic’s astounding 5 point score on his last throw.


Men’s Progressive Throw: The final was between the two fittest athletes for this 5 minute, 1,000 meter, running throw Championship. Queenslander Anthony Parlato scored 22 hits in this event, but Victorian Santo Pascuzzi outclassed him with a 34 hits score, to take the title and his fourth title for this event.


 Women’s Singles: The veteran international, Queenslander Barbara Jones, convincingly won the final against the home town favourite Western Australian Rosetta Kuscevic. Barbara won 10 of the 12 ends and concluded the event with a 13 to 2 point score. She will add this trophy to her last year’s trophy win.


Women’s Doubles: Another nail biter for the women. Western Australia’s Connie Bottega and Lina Nanni led by 10 to 7 points after the first 11 ends. Then dramatically, in the next end, Victoria’s Antonietta Albanese and Linda Venditti responded with a 4 point score. But at the time final end, Western Australia squeezed through with 2 points, for a 12 to 11 points win.


Women’s Triples: The low scoring event didn’t dampen the interest in this final. Victoria’s Linda Venditti, Antonietta Albanese and Attila Mezzalira were in control for the first 7 ends, scoring 7 to 1 points. Then NEBA’s Maria Greco, Anna Ciavarella and Angela Borrelli stormed forward, winning all the remaining ends, for a 9 to 7 points final win. This is NEBA’s back to back Triples win.


Women’s Precision Throw: This again was a low scoring event, in which the veteran Queenslander Barbara Jones came out on top, with a 12 points win, contrasting to her opponent,  Morwell’s Dianne Penney’s score of 7 points.


Best and Fairest Awards: On the Referees votes, the  Best and Fairest Awards went to NEBA’s Anthony Borrelli and Queenslander Barbara Jones.


The Championship owes its success to the many people associated with its organization. Our particular thanks go to the Chief Tournament Director Frank Funari, assistant Tournament Directors Milan Matutinovic and Mark Sertorio, assistants Mary Messina and Lina Cher, Technical Director Tony Biancacci and the valued support of the Laguna Club President Angelo Baldassar and the W.A. Bocce President Rolando Tonus. Thanks goes also to the Vigolo family in orchestrating the Opening Ceremony.




Captions: left to right…


M1. Singles: Winner Raffaele Zollo S.A., Runner up Velimer Matutinovic W.A.

M2. Doubles: Winners John Olic, Bepo Maras NSW, Runners up  Lino Mosca, Angelo Parisi Vic..

M3. Triples: Winners Jim Coviello, Santo Pascuzzi, Lino Mosca, Angelo Parisi Victoria, Runners Up Velimer Matutinovic, Blasenko Kuscevic, Mario Vacca, Michele Santi, W.A..

M4. Precision: Winner Nick Cooper Morwell, Runner Up George Milic NSW.

M5. Bowl Throw: Winner Santo Pascuzzi Victoria, Runner Up Antonio Borrelli NEBA.

M6. Progressive: Winner Santo Pascuzzi Victoria, Runner Up Anthony Parlato Qld.

M7. Best and Fairest: Anthony Borrelli NEBA,


W1. Singles:  Winner Barbara Jones Qld. Runner Up Rosetta Kuscevic W.A..

W2. Doubles: Winners Connie Bottega, Lina Nanni W.A., Runners Up Antonietta Albanese,  Linda Venditti Vic..

W3. Triples: Winners Maria Greco, Anna Ciavarella, Angelina Borrelli NEBA, Runners Up Linda Venditti, Antonietta Albanese, Attilia Mezzalira Vic..

W4. Precision:  Winner Barbara Jones.

W5. Best and Fairest: Barbara Jones Queensland,