Australia at the Torino World Masters


It was terrific being part of the Torino World Masters this year. It started with the Opening Day march, from Piazza Vittorio to Piazza Castello with 20,000 participants singing and waving their countries flags creating a very friendly atmosphere.

Bocce was one of the Games, 30 sports that mature aged sports people participated in, in a friendly way. Joe Rozzo from the Marconi Club took a group of four women, all retired school teachers to play the sport for the first time at the Masters. Twenty two teams participated. These Bocce competitions were held over the 5th to the 8th of August 2013.

The four girls from Sydney were made to feel very welcome and well supported during the games. When they scored their first point, all the spectators stood up and cheered.

The women said that they had a fantastic time and wanted to go to New Zealand in four years’ time to play Bocce at the next World Masters Games.

Joe teamed up with his brother for the events and enjoyed the experience and the friendships that developed.

This World Games participation was facilitated by the Bocce Federation of Australia.

A wish! – to be on the podium

Australia’s Participation - Left to Right: Pietro Rozzo, Giuseppe Rozzo, Zofia Warda, Anne Pillay, Jean Price, Maurine Chenoweth